BT Pensioners Reconnect Launched August 2011

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Site Objective


The primary objective of BT Pensioners Reconnect web site is for all BT Pensioners, 

to enable renewed contact with old friends and 

colleagues and to discover how they have fared in retirement. 


I expect this site to appeal to pensioners from the old Telephone Areas, Regional HQ's and THQ. but I hope younger more recent pensioners in BT's  post 'Sovereign' era, will see the benefits and become members


All grades and disciplines can now become members  Members are all equal and Rank, Grade or Level is irrelevant. We are all just  BT pensioners!


In achieving the primary objective, a pensioners forum and Magazine content can also be provided.


The content of the site in general, will depend on feed back and more importantly members input to the site and its pages.


Neither BT or the BT pension scheme offers any social networking opportunities for their pensioners that I am aware of, unlike some other companies and pension organisations.  

BT does mail 'BT today' magazine to over  60,000 pensioners but despite the label "Pensioner Edition,"  it is a BT in house magazine, which is of interest and I read thoroughly but I never find anything that is specifically for pensioners. A letters page only survived for a for a few issues before it disappeared.

Retirement is a sudden and abrupt change of life and it can be a lonely place without that workplace contact. So since I first  retired from BT, I have nurtured visions of a magazine web site that would provide opportunities for social contact and help to keep old workplace friendships going and to keep in touch with former colleagues. 

Then along came 'Friends Reunited' (FRU) and I stopped any further development of my ideas as (FRU) appeared to be very similar to what I had in mind but much wider in scope, very professional and run by people with skills far beyond my capabilities. 

I thought (FRU) would do what I had in mind  but it didn't, It is too widely based with no regard to the organisational structure or people skill sets. 

For contacting old colleagues (FRU) just does not work for me.  I have yet to make a contact through it, so I still believe that there is a place for a site such as this.

In an attempt to address these issues, the Site BT Pensioners Re-Connect' is founded and developed by me, Bill Rees, who spent a large part of his career in Sales in West Midlands, Coventry, Midland Region and ultimately in London. 

            Bill Rees C1987                 Bill Rees C2010

There is potential for further development of this site but it cannot be achieved with such a simple amateur site, and a professional design may be necessary. That will be for the future, meantime I hope to get started and test the market with what I have.

More recently in October 2014, substantial improvements were made to the Registration and Database functions. The Navigation menus were also improved by the introduction of DropDown menus.


Membership Terms and Information

By registering as a member of this site you confirm your agreement, to the details you supply, being added to the register of members, which will be recorded in a database and be available to be searched by all members. 

It will not be possible for any member to browse the whole database. 

As soon as a member has completed his/her registration, the member will receive confirmation of his/her User Name and Password by e-mail to enable the member to  search at any time, for a former colleague by his/her name and the details held will be displayed. The users are able to view; update; amend and correct their own personal data.  

Personal information will as far as possible be safeguarded and not divulged to others or used for any purpose other than the objectives of this site. 

Registration is an Online process and the database is not held on a PC but on a secure server of a well known and respected host.  

The names only, of new members registered may, from time to time be published on the site for the benefit of other members. 

When information is available, the database will record that a Member has died. The death of a BT Pensioner, who is not a member, may also be recorded. This means that a search for a person who is recorded a deceased, will show a result as deceased, rather than a negative result.

The collection and processing of personal data is in accordance with the  requirements of the the Data Protection Act, insofar as BT Pensioners Reconnect is considered to be exempt and is not required by the Data Protection Act to inform the Information Commissioner's Office.




Who Can become Members?

Pensioners and spouses from all Departments/Divisions who are interested in joining this site  are most welcome to become members. Pension Scheme  Members with deferred pensions and current employees are also welcome as members of this site. Registering is Simple and there are no charges Register Here 


Costs and Financing

Start up, Hosting, Maintenance and ongoing Development costs of this site are borne by me Bill Rees.

Membership and use of the site is completely free of charge and this will be maintained for as long as possible.

Development even small changes may mean buying in expertise with significant costs so at some point a small fee may be neccesary in the future as the site develops. A modest income may be possible from advertising on this site, that could fund further development and maintenance.

A modest amount of advertising may appear on the site and advertising space only is made available to Google Adsense. This site does not have any control over the actual adverts that appear on his site. The advertising content is not endorsed by, and does not in anyway reflect the views, of this site or it's operators who do not accept any responsibility for any advertising content or goods and services supplied 










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