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This page is set up for members themselves to use and contribute to, with anything of interest to Sales & Marketing people. 

Send your contribution to me for publication here.

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Bill Rees is Looking for Contact or News of:

Dave Allen         MTR                     -  No News of Dave @ August 2015

John Cotterell    MTR; BM;CV        -  Made Contact  

Sid Gee             MTR                     -  Made contact met at a Xmas gathering 

Reg Harvey       MTR                     -  Made Contact met at Xmas gathering

Brian Higgins    MTR                      - Brian Died 2009 aged 71

Neil Holloway    MTR                     - Contact made by letter

John Walshaw  MTR                      - Made contact but he died a year later

Bill White           WMid                    - Made Contact by email no response

Frank Allen        WMid                    - Made Contact


Where are Keith Daniel; Ron Stevens and Paul Heaton all Midland Region FSM's in 1980's.


There is no source of information for this page except from Members themselves.


Who are you wanting to contact? 


Name the person(s) here, that you would like to make contact with.

Obituaries: Sadly some of our colleagues may no longer be with us. However such information will be of interest to many of us so an Obituary page features on this site. Deaths are also recorded in the database which can be searched A list of deceased BT people is also available.

Write your obituary of a friend and colleague to post on the Obituaries Page. Informants must provide some means of validating any information about a deceased person, eg. copy of death certificate ; details of funeral director,  Press Obituary Notices etc.





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