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Information on this page does not come from medically qualified sources and usually represents the views and personal experiences of members who believe it could be of interest and useful to fellow members who should at all times consult their GP for qualified advice about any condition raised here.


Members can contribute to this page detailing information they have acquired from research or personal experience. mailto:wm.rees@icloud.com



Prostate Cancer

Members of this website are mostly Over 60 years old and this means they are in the age group at risk of prostate cancer, statistically 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer.  Older men should talk to their GP about having a blood test for prostate specific antigens (PSA) where raised levels is a guide only, and just one step leading to a diagnosis. . 


Raised PSA levels do not necessarily mean that cancer is present, it can also be the result of benign enlargement. There are different types of prostate cancer and some are more aggressive than others this means that many sufferers can live with it rather than die of it. 


The GP will probably suggest a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) this can be done in the GP's Room and is another aid to diagnosis. If cancer is suspected an MRI scan will probably be arranged and if it shows evidence of a tumour, a biopsy will be needed to confirm whether it is malignant and if so to measure its aggressiveness. 


Most Consultants prefer that the MRI scan is done first and followed by the biopsy but some do it the other way round. I would suggest that patients should ask for the MRI  first as it may show that a biopsy is not necessary.


There are a number of different treatment options available for prostate cancer with a huge, amount of information on the Internet. There is now no need to be unaware of the facts.  see also My Prostate Cancer


The Charity - Prostate Cancer UK are currently running a campaign to increase awareness - Google search for Men-United

Note: The above information has not been obtained from a qualified medical source but is the personal views of a member who wants to increase awareness of prostate problems              Posted by Anonymous 12 March 2014



Benenden Healthcare - a low cost alternative to Private Medical Insurance Click Benenden Healthcare  for details of benefits available at modest cost from Benenden Health Care 


Disability Aids and How to get Them  - www.housingcare.org/downloads/kbase/1399.pdf 


 Click here for Medical Emergency advice to anyone planning to visit Australia

Posted 5 March  2012 by Bill Rees detailing a personal experience



Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

Aneurysms can occur anywhere in the body, but the aorta is most prone to the problem. Sam had been diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) — Britain’s fourth biggest killer in men over 65, after cancer, heart attacks and stroke killer: It is estimated that 6,000 people die from aneurysms every year
An estimated 6,000 people — mostly men — die from them every year. Frighteningly, the condition often has no symptoms. ‘There’s usually no warning,’ says Jonothan Earnshaw, consultant vascular surgeon at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, and director of the NHS screening programme.
‘Generally speaking, you don’t know you’ve got one until it bursts. Most people die from a loss of blood. You can be perfectly well one day and dead the next'.

Men are invited for screening during the year they turn 65 while men over 65 can self-refer by contacting their local screening service directly. For more Information on AAAScreening, visit http://aaa.screening.nhs.uk/. Alternatively see your GP who can arrange for a scan at your local Hospital

Posted 17 Nov 2011 by Bill Rees who had an AAA discovered during a kidney investigation  www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2061605 






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