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Historic High for BT Shares in 1999

It would appear that BT reached the high of 1,513p (£15.31)on the last trading day of 1999, amid a wider FTSE 100 rally as the market was swept up in the technology bubble. See also BT Privatisation Listing history.


BT Head Office Sale hots up as Canary Wharf eyes deal...More


Coping with the Cost of Care: Often-Overlooked Tax Deductions and

Tips for Seniors and Their Families

The information on this website may be helpful to members.

Obituary Notices and funeral details

When informed recent notices will be shown here and details will be added to the Obituary page whether or not they were members. Where possible Funeral arrangements are included. Please send details to me.

    Notices will usually be taken down after about six months, however details of all of these notices are available as a list through the Membership Functions\Search facility. They may be gone but through this web site they are not forgotten!


Brian Bewley: passed away Abt. 9 Dec 20 in a nursing home aged 85 my thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. He was a TXE 4 TO at Worle and Weston Super Mare.

                                                                                                    Informant: Roy Pearson 14 Dec on FB Group BT P & P UK

Eddie Brady: It is with great sadness that I write to say that a good friend, former colleague and fellow member of the board,  former Planning Manager, Bradford, sadly left us on Tuesday night 8 Dec 20. I am sure he will be remembered by all who met him for his great humour and non PC management style, a delight I was able to experience for three years and will fondly remember for all time. Due to restrictions regarding funerals it is hoped that a celebration of his life will be held at a date sometime in 2021.

Informant: Peter Troy 11 Dec on FB Group BT P & P UK

Alan Thorneloe: Passed away today 6 Dec 20 he worked on El&P Sheffield and Lincoln started 1970.  No further information. R I P Al, will miss ye.              Informant: Stuart Cobley on BT Sheffield FB Group 6 Dec 20

Sam Shore: Who retired to Bridlington some years ago. died last weekend Abt. 29/11/20. Sam spent all his working life at BT and many of you will remember him.

Informant: On FB Christine Cooke whose husband Roy Cook worked in BT Sheffield external planning from 1976 to his retirement in 2003.

Selwyn Thomas: Sad news of the passing of  Selwyn, many happy memories in Bangor Auto in the 70's No further information

Informant: Ron Edwards on FB 28 November at 23:05


 Ian Cameron: an engineer for 20+ years sadly passed away last month. He worked at exchanges in Bath and surrounding areas.

                                                                                                                                                                Informant: Ian's son Daz Cameron 29 Nov 20.


Diana Beckett: Previously of Warminster Wilts and a retired long time employee of BT Sheffield. Sadly passed away on 6th November 2020. Funeral Grenoside South Chapel 30 November at 14.30 - Coop Funeralcare.

                                              Informant: Pat Lomas in BT Sheffield Employees (past & Present) FB Group on 19 Nov 2020


Anthony Talbot : My Dad sadly passed away on the 27th October 2020 from Mesothelioma, aged 88. He was also known as Tony or Dick. Tony worked for BT between 1961-1987 in Exeter and Devon laying cabling and pole testing. If there is anyone who remembers or worked with Tony, his daughter Catherine Young would love to hear from you, you may email her at                             Posted by Tony's daughter Catherine 11 November 2020


Norman Faulkner: Sadly Passed away 27 October 2020 aged 93. Before retiring Norman was a Subs Apps & Line engineer working in the Macclesfield area(South Manchester).  RIP Norman.

                                                                                                                                    Jeff Horsfall FB Group British Telecom past & Present UK


Roy Dyson: Sorry to have to post sad news, but John Whitehouse has posted on the Chesterfield BT page that Roy Dyson passed away on the 25th of this month. Informant. Mark Fisher FB Group BT SheffieldEmplyees Past & Present



Len Jenner: formerly of the BT Crouch End, Haringey, North London office, has sadly passed away at the ripe old age of 96. Len worked for over 40 years for the GPO/British Telecom, starting out as a keen telegraph boy in central London and working his way up to executive level. He spent many happy decades at the BT office at Crouch End at departments including personnel, recruitment, engineering and finance. He leaves a family of three daughters, eight grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren.   Informant:: Len's Daughter Sandra



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BT Pensioners Reconnect,  The Movie!




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Kiosk Number 6 Feature page & What inspired the Iconic Dome Top Click Here


Giff Gaff "No Contract, pay as you go" Mobile Phone Service

What is GiffGaff? 



The Italian Job Again

No Minis, No Gold Bars, This Time, Just Hard Cash  - My Cash!!

      Read more and see what it cost me and tell me what it has cost you!   Posted 25 July 17




Pension Stuff


GMP Information for BTPS members reaching State Retirement age between 6 Dec. 2018  & 6 April 2021. Read More..

RPI v CPI - BT Pension News from BT press Release 19 January at 16:46

Section C members of the BTPS will be pleased to hear that the court has ruled that RPI must continue to be used. BT is "disappointed" and after reviewing the judgement will consider whether to appeal. BT has confirmed it will continue to use CPI for Sections A and B.

Posted 20 Jan 2018

Recently Retired? Did you get the Retrospective 0.7% Increase Included in Your Pension Calculation? See More Details Posted Jan 2018


CPI Inflation Rate

Figure released last week was 3% does this mean BT pensions will be increased by 3%?? Posted 22 Oct 17


A Cap on our Pension Benefits -Another Threat to our Pensions?

This is serious and we all should be asking BT and Pension Trustees some questions. See More? Go to Pension News   Posted  July 2017


BT Pensions - Trustee Newsletter 2017

The Trustee Newsletter 2017 has now been posted out to BT Pensioners and a copy in PDF format has been placed on this website Click Here to View. The Newsletter mentions a discretionary lump sum that maybe payable on the death of a pensioner Click Here for details.  Posted June 2017


BT Pension Increase at April 2017?

I did not see any reference to the 2017 pension increase in The Trustee News letter 2017, however The CPI Inflation Index figure released October 2016 was 1% so can we expect the increase will be 1%? The RPI index was 2%!!       Posted 28 Feb 2017


Do you think that your Spouses Pension is Absolutely Safe?

Well go to Daily Mail Article on Private Sector Pension Reform and Think Again!  Posted 26 July 2016




BT Pensioners Reconnect and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines are delighted to announce a brand new benefit for BT and C&W  members, offering a 10% Discount,  including friends and family traveling on your booking. More Details here  Members Only, User Name & Password required. - Not a member? Then Register Here







If adverts are only of  the slightest interest, please do look at them as it can provide a very modest revenue that helps me to offer free membership.


Notice Board

Members are welcome to use this Notice Board for personal notices - Politics, Religion and any form of Abuse excluded.

Send notices to

 for publication



WWII Radio Masts in the Pentland Hills

John Brady asks- Can you help with research into the history of an unusual derelict Post Office aerial installation? Read More  

UPDATE:  John has discovered that the aerial was used  for Ionospheric research in the 1960s; the associated blog has been updated at :-                       Updated 11 Oct 2018


The Single Tier State Pension changes and the impact on GMP for some BT pensioners see more.. Posted 20 May 16


New Technical Paper - TXK1 & TXK3 Plastic Covers and The Parr Barrier To read Click here



BT Pension Scheme Trustees Newsletter 2016


Another Local Group - Last Thursday in the Month Club - London North Central Area Retirees More details


Cost of Transferring BT Pension Abroad - More Details


Researching GPO Staffing of WW2 Radio Security Services(RSS).

       I have been approached by Stan Ames to help him make contact with anyone who worked in RSS or anyone with knowledge of this Wartime service. Would particularly like to know about the "I" Grade or Rank. - please reply to me:

Posted 28/11/15


Openreach to be Sold? Read more - 21 July 15
Any Comments? up to 20 words

Does this make Openreach and what remains of BT, a take over target and risk foreign ownership!


BT is to bring its Indian Call Centres back home from India In a bid to improve its appalling customer service record. See more and get full report  Daily mail 19 September 2015 Did this actually happen?


Important Pension Information

Where there is a Partnership and no Marriage. Did you know that you can nominate a dependent Partner for a pension similar to that for a Spouse, when you die. Read More  Posted by Bill Rees September 2015


I have been trying to locate a friend and colleague, BRIAN HIGGINS, for sometime and sadly, I have now been advised that he died some 3-4 years ago. Brian and I worked together in Mid Reg Datel Marketing in 1970's.

RIP Brian. See Deceased Colleagues. Posted 15 Sept 2015 by Bill Rees



A warning about your BT Pension correspondence - Use Recorded Delivery  More Info By Trevor Conway Facebook group BT Past & Present 27 July 2015


Are the Germans coming? - BT becomes takeover target by Deutsche Telekom! Read more 88 Jun 15


See  Obituary Notices User Name and PW required


BT's Big Ideas Down Under 22 May 15


2014 -Anniversary of the start of World War I (July 1914 - November 1918) Feature


Prostate Cancer Alert  see also My Prostate Cancer


BT Pension Scheme Agrees Deal to Protect it Against Longevity....more


Pension Increase April 2015 Click here


BT Press Release 30 January 2015 - Result of Pension Funding and Valuation


BT Pension Scheme Trustee Newsletter for Pensioners 2014 Available here


See 'The Overhead Linesman' and more in Nostalgia page


'Please Wipe your Boots' Now Available in Paperback on Amazon

a memoir by a 1960's apprentice and an essential read for all ex engineers. More Detail...



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Posted revised 27 June 2015

Communications Workers Union (CWU)

The CWU, under the banner of,  "Remember Your Pensioners, BT!," are planning to negotiate with  BT, for Pensioners to be offered the same discount, on products and services, as are offered to employees. 




Bank Charges for Transferring BT Pension Payments Abroad


This should make you Smile.

A Plan 107 (A Boss/Secretary system) was being installed and the extension telephone was to be situated alongside another Telephone. When the job was completed the lady asked for a different colour for the extension telephone. Asked why? She said "so she could tell which one was ringing!!" a statement she repeated. The Fitter simply adjusted the bell coils and all was well. (Comment; Did he mean 'bell gongs?' )

Story taken from a post on Facebook Group GPO Telephones



WWI Anivesary - PO Rifles

Sergeant Alfred Knight VC

Ad2   Ad3

Cable and Wireless Pensioners Associated Site Launched 

The BT pensioners site has been further developed to create an Associate Site which I hope will prove popular with C&W Pensioners. Links between the two sites will be provided for those with an interest in both companies.



 Pensioners Loose Out in BT Drive to cut costs.On Wednesday 14 November 2012, I received my usual copy of BT Today (Pensioner Edition) and it was with some dismay that on page 21. I read that the Pensioner Edition would cease publication from this issue onwards, because it can no longer be funded. Does BT really need to make such meagre savings off the back of itís pensioners? See A Point of View

  This site is principally to enable PO/BT Pensioners, employees and ex-employees to re-establish contact with old colleagues.

A Photographs Page has

 been added to the site and photographs are urgently required. Men/Women at work, in training or at leisure could be interesting subjects. Jpeg format preferred. Upgraded 08 Apr 13, to improve presentation

and increase capacity.

BT Pension Scheme Declines to Publicise or Offer any assistance with this site More Info

This is the time of year when we are informed of the BT pension increase for 2013/14. My notice of increase arrived 24 April and as expected the increase was 2.2% based on the September 2012 CPI measure of inflation.  

This compares with:


             The RPI measure of inflation of 2.6%

             The State Pension Increase for 2013/14 of 2.6%

             Cable & Wireless Pension Scheme increase of 3.1%.Read More  


                   Click Here for a BTPS explanation of the effect of GMP on Pension Increases.



See Telephone Kiosk No.6 Feature Page Click Here




Where old Red Telephone Boxes go to die? Click Here



The CandW Website featured in CAWPA News Summer 2013 Edition does not seem to be of much interest to C&W Pensioners. 

Tell me Why?



BT People are New Published Authors  

1. A former PO photographer, Pen name 'Si Texen,' in the reprographic unit at 2-12 Farringdon Road in the 1960s and 70s, 


2.David Helsdon, a veteran of BT International (Faraday, Wood Street, Wren House and Kelvin), published his first novel a few years ago, a comedy-thriller called SHAIKH-DOWN under the pen-name of David Gee. His second  book, The Bexhill Missile Crisis.  has now been published and is now available to buy as an e-book from the Amazon Kindle store as well as in paperback from your local bookstore or direct from the publishers to order a copy as e-book or paperback  click on 


3. Stanley George:

'Please Wipe your Boots' Now Available in Paperback on Amazon

a memoir by a 1960's apprentice and an essential read for all ex engineers. More Detail...


4. Roger Parr: 'Our Thoughts Entirely' A collection of poems with a rich mixture of emotions - love, humour, melancholy - and thought-provoking themes.

See More...

A Success Story

A BT Retiree, David Wyatt, writes from N. Zealand to BT Pensioners ReconnectÖ.. I'm hoping that you are able to assist me I worked at BT for approx 17 yrs and emigrated in 1982.

More on this Story


Interested in Researching your Family Tree?

Click on link below for more information and a 10% Discount with The Genealogist


The Genealogist - UK census, BMDs and more online




Are you a World War II Veteran or do you know someone who is?              

A former WWII Lancaster Bomber Crew Member, Ted Cachart, has contacted me to help publicise grants that are available from the Big Lottery Fund to enable veterans and their widows/widowers to pay a remembrance visit  to the area in which they served. Applications can be made if a grant has not been received since 2009. Grants range from £330 - £5500 

(for Far East Visits) The Big Lottery Fund Tel. No. is 0845 00 00121

Ted can be contacted by phone 01773 853181 or email:

Learn about Ted the 15 year old Bomber Crew hero and his amazing and inspiring story

The recent death of Ted Cachart is reported on Fiskerton airfield web site.

RIP Ted.





Can You Name Anyone

Youths B Course Bletchley May 1966

Photograph from Facebook goup

Can You Name Them

Youths A or B Course - Bletchley Park C.1956/7

John Jenkins is Back Row 3rd from left -are you out there somewhere John?

Photograph supplied by Mel Smith

See Photo Gallery



Local BT Pensioner Groups 

See Local Groups page. 

1. London.Central Areas 


2. London N. West


3.BT Manchester Staff


London Centre /West End/Inbound Group Advanced 0800

This group is very active and

 has regular re-unions. 

Marjorie Wann - organiser  Re-union Photographs are published 

on this site Click Here


Who would you like to make contact with?

Would you like to make contact with some old colleague in particular? If so let me have details to post the name here


This Website which is independent of BT, receives no financial support from any source and is entirely funded by me Bill Rees who developed the site.


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