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Local BT Pensioner Groups and Re-Unions

Why not set up a local BT Pensioner Group. Volunteers  to act as a local coordinator  would be required . The Groups and their activities would be run independently from this Website but communications for setting up could be through this page.Each local group could be based on the major towns and cities of the UK where there was once a Telephone/General Managers Office (TMO/GMO)

Local groups large and small may already exist and if so they could be detailed here. 


Volunteers please send your contact details to me for posting on this page mailto:w.rees614@btinternet.com

Local Groups

1. LEXPO  London West End

We are a group of some 150 plus BT engineers (planning, customer project management, PBX, commissioning, fitting, sub apps) who worked out of Warwick House Soho in the West End District of London.  Additionally we have links with Sales, External Planning, Paddington Engineers and Museum/Tower TE. Some of us planners have been great friends and we’ve kept in touch since we started working together in 1967.

Lexpo FC started in 1969 in the old Centre Area Telephone Football League, since then we had a Bar, Sports & Social Club in Warwick House with many functions, trips and even holidays together.

When our football team started in 1970 we could not register with the FA using Warwick FC as it already existed. So having our garage at the rear in Lexington St we called ourselves Lexpo the PO bit was from Post Office Telephones as we were back then.  (the Lobs is Lexpo Old Boys) www.lexpolobs.com     

2. London N.West

Another successful  group has been established by Paul Coelho to represent former colleagues From London NW and has a List of 300 people 100 of whom have been validated. Informal meetings take place in The Moon Under the Water - a Wetherspoon’s Pub in Watford, on the 2nd Friday in April and 1st Friday in September. There have been two meetings so far, when up to 30 people have attended.  Contact:  Paul Coelho paulcoelho@dnis.co.uk 

Next Meeting 

It’s that time of year again so here’s your reminder that we are meeting up, 7pm onwards, on Friday 6th September 2013 at JD Wetherspoons Moon-Under-the Water in Watford.  All are welcome and those that have been before feel free to drag anyone along you think should be there.

3. London Centre /West End/Inbound Group - Advanced 0800  

4.  British Telecom Past and Present A Facebook Group of 600+ members  Mainly Birmingham and the West Midlands area https://www.facebook.com/groups/175048092553798/


This group is very active and has regular re-unions. Marjorie Wann is the organiser marjoriewan@btinternet.com  Re-union Photographs are published on this site Click Here

Re-Union News

Seeking A BT Openreach Employee Who was Once a BOAC Engineering Apprentice

This website has been approached to help to find a BT engineer  Michael E. Hampton, born 09/09/1948. He joined BOAC as an Engineering Apprentice on 01/09/1965 and this year there will be the 50 Year Reunion of the apprentices.

He left British Airways in the mid-80s and went to work for BT/Openreach. I guess that would have been in the Twickenham area as he lived in Orleans Road, Twickenham up until February 2010 when he moved. Probably moved  to the Farnborough/Guildford area and he continued to work for Openreach although I am not sure which location.  He would now be about 67 and therefore retired from BT.

If anyone thinks they can help in this search please contact  Terry at  email. terryrpleace@terryrpleace.freeserve.co.uk

Telephone. 01628 633326,

1.NOTTINGHAM - Annual Nottingham Christmas Reunion 

                                     For ANY BT People Usual venue date and time i.e. Second Wednesday in December.
                                    Wednesday 10th December 2014 19.30+ (don't feel tied to a particular time, come at whatever time and duration that suits you)
                                    The Roebuck Inn 9-11 St James's Street Nottingham NG1 6FH 0115 979 3400



2. MANSFIELD - Mansfield Reunion is on 3rd December 19.30+ 

                          usual venue the Bold Forester http://www.hungryhorse.co.uk/pubs/bold-forester-mansfield

                          contact Bob Crome for more details bob.crome@openreach.co.uk


3.  47 Club Winter Time Reunion Thursday 20th Novembers 2014 At Crosse-Keys Pub  9 Gracechurch St, EC3. NOON ONWARDS

                                                               Contact:  Alan Medley - alanmedley665@btinternet.com  see full invitation 




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